Do You Need a Backlinks Strategy?

In today’s economic climate social media marketing and other online strategies have become more and more relevant. The use of backlinks has been a prominent method for businesses to let themselves known. Using the backlinks strategy can be risky as it is often penalised by Google, the main online search engine in the world. Moreover, a site’s influence in search engines is largely based on the quantity and quality of the sites that link to it. Thus a backlink located on a site with low reputation affects the main site as well in the search results in Google. However, this hasn’t stopped many people to adventure in this highly effective technique. Nowadays, some companies dedicate to help professionals in>buying and selling links to make money, which has become a rampaging market. Professionals of all sort who use backlinks strategy have created a huge demand, and as always supply started to appear. In just a few years backlinks trading, selling and purchasing have become prominent and a big source of revenue.