About the site

Hi, my name is Peter and this blog is my attempt to come to grips with social media marketing. I have a small print business, mainly bespoke work and whilst I have had a web site since the beginning, it is not enough in today’s competitive climate, especially for attracting new and younger clientèle. I have taken the advice of associates and employed a new member of staff to focus specifically on improving our internet presence. Therein lies my problem: I do not really understand what he is talking about and he seems to have a problem understanding my limited knowledge. I see the problem as mine as what he is doing is bringing results quite quickly, but it is frustrating to me that I don’t know enough. This blog is my attempt to educate myself. I have learnt over the years that I better assimilate knowledge by writing and felt that learning to blog and using that as a resource for learning would tick a couple of boxes. So here I am. Hopefully others will learn along with me and share their experiences with social media and marketing to help me along.