Instagram marketing

For the past decade, marketing experts have been delving deeper and deeper into the possibilities offered by the internet, particularly social media. These days, it is growing more and more difficult to find large companies that do not have their own Facebook page, or at the very least a Twitter account. Fashion brands in particular have conquered a new practice for themselves: Instagram marketing. Instagram allows users to share both carefully orchestrated photo shoots and spontaneous snapshots with the world, with a short description sharing the details of the photograph. Some Instagram users have perfected their photos into an art form.Popular Instagram users enjoy the attention of thousands of followers – attention that many companies would like to draw to their brands. The key principle of Instagram marketing is simple and very similar to traditional sponsoring. To give an example, many popular Instagram users, particularly attractive females, share their favourite fashion on the web service, showing their latest acquisitions to tens of thousands of followers. Thus, the original Instagram user serves as a kind of purchasing role model. Fashion companies cash in on this success by offering to sponsor the Instagram user in exchange for showcasing a few of their products. This raises awareness not only of the clothes being shared, but also of the brand as a whole. Of course, Instagram marketing is not limited to the fashion industry. Another popular niche on Instagram is held by so-called ‘foodies’, who share photos and reviews of their favourite meals. By sponsoring a popular foodie, companies in the food industry can raise awareness of their product. Finally, some companies have taken to using Instagram in a similar fashion to Facebook or Twitter by posting their own photos and messages on an official company account. By inviting users to comment and submit their own photographs, these companies are able to further expand their reach.