SEO – Why is it important?

SEO is now something you see all over the internet.  Nowadays if you are looking to be a writer for a company this is an essential knowledge. Although this is a widespread expression we are still many who doesn’t know much about it. So what is this SEO and why is it so important? We will now look into that!

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization”. In other word, you use expression and manners of writing that the search engines will like, so that people will find your article or post easier.

Is this really so important?

Short answer to question, yes! And truly, yes! Just think about it, you have a business that for example sells jewelry online. Will you be the only business online that sells jewelry? Of course not! In these times there are tons of online businesses and ecommerce stores! So it is very easy to get lost in the searchresults if someone is looking for anything online. So how will your potential customers find your page? It is here that SEO comes in play.

Creating your webpage by using SEO knowledge will help you get in the top results when people are looking for your products and services. Also it will help your webpage to get more comfortable to use for your customers.  Knowing how to write to get the right people to your website will give you more sales.

How to do SEO?

To be able to be successful in SEO you need to keep yourself up to date. For example, to be able to write according to what people are searching for, you need to stay up to date with what is on people’s minds and how they express it in the search field. Also think about who you are writing for, for example, where are they from? Checking where are the majority of the people visiting your website from could be a good help. Another thing is to make sure of, is that the title of your post or article really is in line with your content. This is very important in order to not confuse the search engines.

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